Travel tips for Poland

1. Poland is a part of the European Union, but the country has its own currency – the Polish zloty. A small coin is a Polish grosz.
2. You can exchange money for local currency at railway stations in special exchange points or in supermarkets, shopping centers, galleries, and tourist centers.
3. It’s better to move around the cities of Poland on public transport, including trams and buses. There is also a subway in Warsaw. In some cities, you pay for duration of ride.
4. Some stores in Poland are tax free, which allows to return the VAT tax when crossing a border. The cost of purchases should exceed 200 zlotys. You can receive money at the cash-desk of the return payments.
5. The Poles should be addressed with respect using words pan or pani. If you know the name or a position held, you need to add them while talking. Only relatives and close friends call each other by name.
6. Poland is a religious country. Christmas celebration is taken with all responsibility, and, therefore, it is worth to visit its large cities at this time.
7. Pickpockets can be met in busy tourist places. It’s better not to carry a large sum of money with you. The original documents should be left in hotels.
8. Telephones booths may be seen on the streets of Polish cities. To make a call, you must first buy a special card. You can do that in the news stall or at the post office.
9. If you want to ride a taxi, you have to order a car in advance. It is difficult to grab a car on the street. Ride sharing is not practiced in the country. Prices on private driver services are greatly inflated.
10. The majority of Poles understand English, but they will rather agree to help if you can say a few phrases
in Polish.
11. Servings at local restaurants are usually so large that you can order one dish for two.
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12. Tips in cafes and restaurants can be left at your discretion, but foreign guests are encouraged to thank the waiters for their work with a small reward.
13. If you buy jewelry in Poland, it must be declared at the customs.
14. The first medical aid in Poland is free of charge. Doctors are also obliged to help a person in an emergency state without payment. However, the further treatment will have to be paid for.

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